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Not quite through....
My name is Sunday Blue and I have been in the candle business since 1997. I started out as a distributor selling a popular Texas brand candle. What motivated me to sell candles was the great need to find something to do out of my home. At the time, my son was 3 years old and leaving him at daycare or home care provider was becoming harder to do. We live out in the country and at best a good paying job resulted in a 60 mile one way trip. By the time I left out early in the morning, took a mandatory hour lunch and drove home at night, I was away from the home 11+ hours a day. I would pick up my son in the evening and listen to him cry and tell me how he hated being away from me. This absolutely broke my heart. By the time we got home I had little energy left to cook supper and do laundry. I only would have a couple hours of quality time left to spend with my family before I hit the sack dead tired.

My love for candles initiated a second job which was all my own and started out as a hobby. I had under $300.00 to start up with but a huge desire for something better for me and my family which goal driven me to adventually be able to stay home with Curtis. The Internet and it's many possibilities to reach thousands intrigued me. I began spending many hours online learning the ends and outs of designing a web site so that I could open up an online business. Four months later when I was satisfied with my web site, I opened it to the public which opened up a whole new world for me! Within six months of being online I was able to quit my 120 mile round trip bank job and stay at home to run my new Internet candle business. Each year that passed from that point on, I grew over 100%. Year two in business, I began needing space for inventory and outside help. My business continued to grow over 100% each year and I was finally able to do things for my family I thought I would never be in the position to do. My husband was unhappy with his job and was able to quit and help me for 2 years. In that pressure free time he was able to decide what he wanted to do career wise. Once we got his new career up and going I needed to hire outside help once again.

In the spring of 2002 it became very apparent that I was selling for a company that didn't appreciate my business. Knowing what all I had learned in the candle business and being backed up against the wall, I decided not to let this get me down but instead think of this as a challenge. I decided that it was in our best interest to start my own candle business (Forget-Me-Not Candle Co.) making my own line of candles. I knew exactly what my customers desired in a high quality candle and customer service needs! I knew what scents I had to have and what additional fragrances would make a good well rounded line! I have extensive online experience and a huge tie in the candle making world which enabled me to learn the ins and outs of the candle making craft. I listen to the needs of my customers and now have 100% control over decisions made since this is my very own business. I treat people how I would want to be treated myself. I am able to pass on the knowledge I have built over the years and sells experience in fields that work. I am able to teach my distributors new and refreshing sells approaches proven by myself to be successful.

More coming soon....

This is my 9 year old son "Curtis Blue".
Curtis loves to ride dirt bikes with his dad.
Taken March 2003

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