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Forget-Me-Not Candle owner Sunday Blue

Forget-Me-Not Candle Co.

Quick Cost Calculator


Please note:
Purchasing the 12 oz. size candles in quantities of 24 will save approximately $3.00 in shipping cost because they can all be shipped in one box.

Please enter 19 LBS. for package weight on (12) 12-oz.(small) candle case.
Please enter 34 LBS. for package weight on (24) 12-oz. (small) candle case.
36 candles would be figured by one package weight at 19 LBS. and one package weight at 34 LBS.

Please enter 33 LBS. for package weight on a 20-oz.(medium) candle case.

Please enter 40 LBS. for package weight on a 28-oz.(larger) candle case.

Once you click calculate, scroll down to "ground service".

Multiply that $$ amount for how many cases you are purchasing.

UPS considers a "Home-Based Business" residential and therefore; must be marked "YES" on residential address.

  ORIGIN Country:   Postal Code:    
  DESTINATION Country:   City:   Postal Code:   Residential Address:   Yes No
  PACKAGE INFORMATION Drop-off/Pickup:   Packaging:   Package Weight:   Weight Chart

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**Our turn-around time is approx. 3-5 business days. During Nov.-Dec., 7-10 business days.**
Once we ship, the above map tells you how long it takes UPS to deliver.

Updates from "Forget-Me-Not Candle Company" Newsletter.

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